Team Programming at Kids in Motion
Team programming at Kids in Motion is designed to help all kids maximize their potential.  Whether you just want the fun of performing your routines for friends and family, or you want to test your skills against other Missouri gymnasts, we have a 
program for you!
Please note; team levels are designated by ability not age. Team is for ages 4 and older. Team groups may have students, training together, with ages ranging from 4 thru 15. 

For the current 2016/2017 Team contracts, please click on the sub-tab labeled "Team Contracts"

Team placement is only our suggestion of where we feel your child will be most suited.  We understand that sometimes families are unable to make either the financial or time commitment required.  If this is the case, please don’t quit.  We have other options that might better suit your needs.  Please email the gym at kidsinmotion@yhti.net so we may assist you in the 
selection process..