To complete step 2 Please familiarize yourself with our monthly sessions, below. To complete step 3 please click on the link for the Printable; Rules and Policies, Registration and Trial form.  

Monthly Sessions
Our program runs in 4 weeks session, technically month to month. Some sessions do overlap into another month; they might have to borrow a few days to complete the full four weeks. Usually this is caused by a holiday closure. By mapping out the four week session, we avoid including any Holiday closures which solves the scheduling make-up problems.

Downloadable PDF for the new 2017/2018 season.

Monthly Sessions for 2017/2018 Season:
September Session- Sep. 5th through 29th and Oct. 2nd
    Closed: Sep. 1st through 4th 
October Session- Oct. 3rd through 27th
    Closed: Oct. 31st
November Session-  Nov. 1st through 30th and Dec. 1st
    Closed: Nov. 22nd through 26th
*December Session(3 week session)- Dec. 4th through 22nd
    Closed: Dec. 23rd through Jan. 3rd
January Session- Jan. 4th through 31st
    Closed: Jan. 1st through 3rd
February Session- Feb. 1st through 28th
March Session- Mar. 1st through 28th
    Closed: Mar. 29th through Apr. 2nd
April Session- Apr. 3rd through 30th
    Closed: Mar. 29th through Apr. 2nd
May Session- May 1st through Jun. 4th
    Closed: May 26th through Jun. 3rd 
June Session- Jun. 5th through Jul. 2nd
    Closed: May 26th through Jun. 3rd 
July Session- Jul. 9th through Aug. 3rd
    Closed: Jul. 3rd through 8th 
August Session- Aug. 6th through 31st 

Holiday Closures     
Kids in Motion will be closed for the following holidays

2017 Labor Day 9/1 - 9/4
2017 Thanksgiving Holiday 11/22 - 11/26
2017/18 CHRISTmas break 12/23 - 1/3/2018
2018 Easter Break 3/29 - 4/2             
2018 Memorial Day 5/26 - 6/3
2018 Independence Day 7/3 - 7/8

Make-up classes will not be allowed for holiday closures since these days have been factored out of the monthly sessions. 


30 Min. Class $17.00
40 Min. Class $25.50
50 Min. Class $34.00
1 Hr. Class $42.50
1.5 Hr. Class $56.10
2 Hr. Class $65.45