To complete step 3 Please familiarize yourself with our monthly sessions. To complete step four please go back to the main tab titled "Gymnastics Program Info." and follow the directions for step four and five. 

Monthly Sessions
Our program runs in 4 weeks session, technically month to month. Some sessions do overlap into another month; they might have to borrow a few days to complete the full four weeks. Usually this is caused by a holiday closure. By mapping out the four week session, we avoid including any Holiday closures which solves the scheduling make-up problems.

Downloadable PDF for the new 2017/2018 season.

Monthly Sessions for 2017/2018 Season:
September Session- Sep. 5th through 29th and Oct. 2nd
    Closed: Sep. 1st through 4th 
October Session- Oct. 3rd through 27th
    Closed: Oct. 31st
November Session-  Nov. 1st through 30th and Dec. 1st
    Closed: Nov. 22nd through 26th
*December Session(3 week session)- Dec. 4th through 22nd
    Closed: Dec. 23rd through Jan. 3rd
January Session- Jan. 4th through 31st
    Closed: Jan. 1st through 3rd
February Session- Feb. 1st through 28th
March Session- Mar. 1st through 28th
    Closed: Mar. 29th through Apr. 2nd
April Session- Apr. 3rd through 30th
    Closed: Mar. 29th through Apr. 2nd
May Session- May 1st through Jun. 4th
    Closed: May 26th through Jun. 3rd 
June Session- Jun. 5th through Jul. 2nd
    Closed: May 26th through Jun. 3rd 
July Session- Jul. 9th through Aug. 3rd
    Closed: Jul. 3rd through 8th 
August Session- Aug. 6th through 31st 

Holiday Closures     
Kids in Motion will be closed for the following holidays

2017 Labor Day 9/1 - 9/4
2017 Thanksgiving Holiday 11/22 - 11/26
2017/18 CHRISTmas break 12/23 - 1/3/2018
2018 Easter Break 3/29 - 4/2             
2018 Memorial Day 5/26 - 6/3
2018 Independence Day 7/3 - 7/8

Make-up classes will not be allowed for holiday closures since these days have been factored out of the monthly sessions. 


30 Min. Class $17.00
40 Min. Class $25.50
50 Min. Class $34.00
1 Hr. Class $42.50
1.5 Hr. Class $56.10
2 Hr. Class $65.45