Piper Hoemann (Owner);
Piper was a student of ballet for ten years, at the Humbolt Ballet Company. Piper was an artistic gymnast until age 13, at Six Rivers Gymnastics. She was coached by former college gymnast Gale "Buckey" Mackey. She was forced into an early retirement due to a fracture her back. She was a high school cheerleader in Northern California. She was trained to teach Rhythmic gymnastics at age 16, at Arcata Redwood Rhythmics, under the direction Jody Hurlburt. In 1990 she moved to Rexburg, Idaho and opened up her first gym, called "Piper Cub Academy". The Piper Cub Academy traveled all over and won numerous State and National titles. In 1993 Piper moved back to Northern California and coached under former Olympian Elisabeth Cull. In 1994 she moved to Washington, Missouri. Piper became the director and head coach for the gymnastics program at the YMCA. She developed the Artistic team, Four Rivers Flyers and the Rhythmic team, Missouri Rhythmics. Four Rivers Flyers accomplished numerous State placing’s and titles. Piper's Rhythmic team won multiple State, Regional, National, and Junior Olympic titles. Her Rhythmic team traveled across the USA to ten different states for competitions and was nationally recognized. Missouri Rhythmics hosted numerous state competition, numerous regional competitions, and was also pick to be the host club for the RSG Nationals held in STL. After the YMCA closed their gymnastics program in 2000, Piper moved her program to Planet gymnastics in it's St. Louis location, which is now shut down. All of her rhythmic and many of her artistic gymnasts followed her. While there she headed up the rhythmic program and brought her knowledge of dance, choreography, and flexibility conditioning to the already in place artistic program. In 2002 Piper opened up a satellite gym, to the St. Louis based gym, in Washington, Missouri. As this gym grew in its Washington location, she moved it to Union. In 2008 Piper left and opened up her own gym, Kids In Motion in downtown Washington. As her clientele grew she moved Kids In Motion to its current location.
Samantha Roetheli;
Miss Sammi has been competing/coaching gymnastics for 20+ years. She participated in Artistic gymnastics for three years, when she was younger. She competed in Rhythmic gymnastics for 15 years. She went to the Junior Olympic competition twice with Miss Piper and her Rhythmic team. Miss Sammi has been coaching since 2003. She has been with Miss Piper since she was three years old. Miss Sammi is married and has two sons named Hunter and Conner. 
Nadiana Hoemann (Seasonal);
Nadiana is the daughter of Piper Hoemann. She has been do gymnastics since she was 1.5 years old. Nadiana retired from gymnastics at age 11. She danced with the St. Louis Ballet Company for five years. Nadiana came back to gymnastics at age 12 as a teacher assistant for four years. She has been coaching since 2010.  

Sheila Eilers;
Sheila started gymnastics when she was seven, starting in St. Clair and moved to St. Louis Spirits Gymnastics Club. She retired there as a level 9 gymnast. Sheila had taken some time away from gymnastics but started coaching with Piper in 2005. She has enjoyed coaching recreational and competitive team classes at Kids In Motion.

Sheila Payne (Substitute Teacher);
Sheila started competing gymnastics in 1993, with Miss Piper. She stopped gymnastics as a level 7, when the YMCA closed their gymnastics program. Sheila was a cheerleader at Washington High School and at Southeast Missouri State. She also coached competitive cheer at Washington High School for three years.  Sheila started coaching gymnastics for Kids In Motion in 2012. Sheila is the mother of three and is a stay at home mom. 

Robby Durham;
Robby was taught men’s gymnastics by his father, who was a former male gymnast. Robby was on his high school cheer leading for three years. During the day, Robby operates a crane on various construction sites. He and his wife have four children. Three of his children have been taking gymnastics at Kids In Motion since 2013.  Robby has been coaching since 2014. 
Gabrella Hoemann;
Miss Gabre started gymnastics at age two and retired in 2014. She retired as a competitive level eight gymnast. Gabre also spends a lot of her time at rodeos, competing in barrel racing. She loves spending time at the gym to practice old skills and help gymnasts achieve new ones. Coach Gabre has been coaching since 2015. 
Brittney Baker;
Brittany was a gymnast for 12 years. She did cheer leading from 2010 to 2014. She was a varsity cheerleader for Union High School. Brittany has continued to tumble and practice floor skills from gymnastics. Brittany has been coaching gymnastics since 2012 and has been coaching cheer leading since 2013. Her favorite thing about coaching is getting to see the athletes improve and to see their love for the sport come out in their performance.

Gussie Schmitz;
Gussie and her husband Jon have two girls, Maddy and Kaitlyn, who both attend team classes at Kids in Motion. They live in Beaufort and are local business owners themselves. Gussie's girls started attending Kids in Motion in 2010. She has always very much enjoyed working with kids, and has been very active in the children's ministry at their church for about 10 years.  As far as her own experience, she did take dance classes as a child for a short time and loved "playground gymnastics".  You know, when friends who took tumbling classes would teach them on the playground and they prayed that they wouldn't injure ourselves! Her gymnastics experience comes from years of watching Maddy’s practices and great support from the other coaches. Gussie started coaching classes in the Spring of 2014.                  

Breanne Tucker;
Miss Bre has two daughters that currently take classes at Kids In Motion. She did gymnastics when she was a young girl on various Military bases, from 1990 till 1995. Miss Bre also did cheerleading from 1996 till 2001. She joined the U.S. Army, at age 24, and was a 74D, CBRN Specialist. Miss Bre has been coaching gymnastics at Kids In Motion since 2016. 

Iesa Hinterlong;
Miss Iesa competed gymnastics for four years. She is currently attending Borgia High School and is involved in the Spirit Leaders Club. Miss Iesa loves coaching with the little kids. She loves seeing them learn a new skill and how happy they get when they are able to do it! Iesa has been coaching since 2016.

Molly Jensen;
 Molly danced for 15 years.  She competed throughout St. Louis and medaled in pointe and jazz. She was also a football and basketball cheerleader all four years at Washington High School. Now, with four kids, she dances in the kitchen while making dinner and practices cheers in the driveway.  Her 2 older girls, Madeleine and Olivia, are on the team at Kids In Motion and her youngest daughter, Penelope, also does gymnastics class. Beau, climbs on the mats. Molly is also a flight attendant for JetBlue Airways and uses the time away from home to read books that don't have pictures in them. She enjoys coaching the Open Gym class because her kids have so much fun and she loves to see them play and gain confidence. 

Sophie Klein;
Sophie was involved with dance and gymnastics for four years. She has always loved coaching other children to strive and reach their full potential. Sophie looks forwards to helping children fall in love with gymnastics as she once had. Sophie has been coaching since 2016. 

Wendy Oelrichs;
Wendy lives in New Haven. Her daughter, Ava, has been attending classes at Kids In Motion since 2010. Wendy is a science teacher at New Haven high school. She has a very athletic background. In high school, Wendy participated in volleyball, cross country and track. She also coaches at Condition One CrossFit, in Washington. Wendy started spotting gymnastics in 2017. 

Tailer Young;
Coach Tailer did gymnastics at Kids In Motion for 8 years. She also cheered for Washington High School. She likes coaching because she loves seeing young children succeed in something, that she loves! Her favorite season is Fall! Tailer has been coaching since 2017. 

Kristen Moore;
Coach Kristen enjoys coaching the preschool ages because she loves to see them working so hard, then finally seeing them get a skill. Kristen was involved with gymnastics, dance and cheer for roughly 12 years. Her two daughters currently enjoy their gymnastics classes here at Kids In Motion. She enjoys being able to encourage them in a sport they both love. Fun fact about Kristen, she has an identical twin and she is a mother to fraternal twins. Kristen started coaching in 2017. 

*All Kids In Motion's Coach's Assistants are ages 12-14*

Hailey Earney (Coach's Assistant);
 Miss Hailey started doing gymnastics in 2015.  She also plays softball, enjoys reading and going outside. Miss Hailey enjoys coaching because she loves working with kids and watching them improve! Hailey has been a coach’s assistant since 2016. 

Cammie Earney (Coach's Assistant);
Cammie started gymnastics in 2015. She also plays softball and volleyball. Cammie loves to help with the classes and to see the children improve on their skills. She has been a Coach’s assistant since 2016. 

Madelynne Schmitz (Coach's Assistant);
 Miss Maddy started gymnastics in 2010. She has been on our Kids In Motion’s competitive team since 2012. She has helped with classes since 2016. Miss Maddy loves working at Kids In Motion because everyone is so nice. She also loves to see gymnasts accomplish new skills. 

*Demonstrators are accomplished students to demonstrate skills to younger students.*

Mackenzie Helms (Demonstrator);
Mackenzie has been doing gymnastics at Kids In Motion since fall of 2008. She is currently on Kids In Motion’s competitive Team.  Mackenzie has also participated in the ULL cheer team since 2013.  She enjoys demonstrating because she gets to help the other students learn how to do their skills. Mackenzie started being a demonstrator in 2016.  

Ava Oelrichs (Demonstrator):
Ava started gymnastics at Kids In Motion in 2010. She has been on the competitive team since 2011. Ava has been demonstrating since 2016. She also enjoys volleyball, reading and playing with her cats. Ava enjoys working with the younger girls and helping them learn new skills.