2018 Wildcats Little League Cheer
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If you would like to understand more of what the program Little League Cheer does, feel free to read the 2017 Parent Brochure. This document contains everything you need to know to be on our squad! There may be some slight changes in the 2018 brochure. The parent brochure is located below:

Why Union?
We choose to run our program with the Union Football league for several reasons. First, the coaches are very supportive of the cheerleaders and make them feel very welcome at all the games. Second, initially we ran programs in both Union and Washington (via the parks dept.). After two years of trying, Washington did not yield enough enrollment to run an effective program and Union did. Cheer leading is most effective when you have a large group. In the past several years we have drawn kids from not only private schools from multiple towns, but public schools also.