This league was created, by Kids In Motion, for its team members who are not yet ready or not interested in competing in “away” competitions (meets). K.I.M. holds three, in-house, competitions. Gymnasts are judged against a scale and not each other. This allows the gymnasts to be rewarded for their efforts and not on a curve. This is a positive, self-motivating form of competition.

2017/2018 GFF (In House) Competition Schedule

Autumn Classic (Judge's Evaluation): October 28th, 2017
Entry Deadline: 9/28/2017
Entry Fee: $45

I wanted to clarify the purpose of the Autumn Classic. I would like the girls to take competition a little more seriously. Previously any girl who wants to go can. I would like it to be any girl who pushes herself and shows determination can go. It doesn't mean their skills and routines need to be perfected, it is the goal but not required. It simply means they have to want it and show us so. 
The rules for this weekend are as follows;

1. All girls need to arrive, in full uniform, 15min prior to the start of their session.

2. Everyone needs to be in full uniform with their hair done appropriately. 

3. All girls need to have eaten protein and carbs 30min. prior to arriving. A lot of it.

4. No soda or candy that day.

5. Viewing is going to be super limited. This meet is not like Mini Olympics. It is for the girls to get judges feedback. Please limit your guests to one per girl. We will not be rearranging the gym, only seating available will be upstairs.

Winter Mini Olympics: January 27th, 2018
Entry Deadline: 12/22/17
Entry Fee: $35

Spring Fling: April 21st, 2018
Entry Deadline: 3/21/2018
Entry Fee: $35

Summer Mini Olympics: May 12th, 2018
Entry Deadline: 5/12/2018
Entry Deadline: $35