2017 Cheer and Dance Videos!
You can use these videos to practice outside of classes! Learn them before the cheer season starts, use them as reminders before a game, and show them off to your friends and family! 
The cheers are organized by which squad you are in. Find the title of the cheer or dance you want to work on and then
 click the link below. 

K-3rd Grade Squad Cheers:


Bang Bang


Hands On Your Hips

Lean to the Left

Lighten Up

Fight Fight Tonight

Go Big Red and Black


Lets Go Wildcats

Hot To Go 

We Say Red

Halftime Dance

4th-8th Grade Squad Cheers:

We Say Red

Wildcats Are Hot To Go

Wildcats Wildcats

Fire Up To Win

For the Wildcats Team

Go Big Red

Go Cats

Number One Intensity

Score Score Score

Show That Wildcat Pride

Be Aggressive

Let's Get Physical

Big G Little o

More Power to the Hour

G-O Let's Go

Cats Let's Do It

Go Big Red and Black


Go Fight Win

Halftime Dance Part 1

Halftime Dance Part 2